Your Phone Hates the Beach. Here’s Why.

Your Phone Hates the Beach. Here’s Why.

Mar 4th 2019

Whether you like swimming, getting a tan or just hanging with friends, there’s plenty to love about the beach. But do you know who doesn’t like the beach? Your smartphone. From sand to surf, your phone sees the beach as a virtual obstacle course of perils. Here’s a few of the things you love about the beach that your phone hates … and some ideas for ensuring that your favorite device survives your next seaside sojourn…


While you might enjoy catching some rays, the heat from the sun poses problems for your device. Too much sun can overheat your device, drain your battery, crack your screen, and, in some cases, cause it to explode. Your best bet is to keep your device covered.

  • Keep your device out of direct sunlight.
  • Shut down apps that use a lot of battery life.
  • When you’re not using it, wrap your phone in a towel or t-shirt.
  • If your phone starts to overheat, put it in your cooler, inside a ziplock bag to avoid water damage.


Sand can create lots of problems for your phone. At minimum, it can scratch your screen or case, and at its worst, damage your phone’s internal components. And sand is sneaky. Those little particles can creep into your device even if you try to avoid it. The best idea is to make sure all the ports on your device are covered.

  • Put a screen protector and a protective case on your device.
  • Cover your device ports with special covers or the plug from an old cable.


Everyone knows the danger of getting your phone wet. Worse, briny seawater can accelerate corrosion on your device, even if it’s water-resistant. Keeping your device covered is crucial to keeping it protected.

  • Put your phone in waterproof bag, pouch or a ziplock bag.
  • Cover your device with a waterproof case like one from Lifeproof®.

What if it’stoo late?

Remember, if the beach does have its way with your device, MyWiT® is here to help. We offer a wide selection of high-quality refurbished cell phones. This includes popular devices like a refurbished iPhone® 7 on Verizon®, a Samsung Galaxy® s8 on AT&T® or an unlocked device not tied to a carrier. So, if your smartphone happens to get splashed on the beach, becomes part of your child’s sandcastle or gets sunburned, we have a number of replacement options to fit your needs and budget. 

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